Stereolithography 3D printing

Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing works by having a laser beam guided by mirrors to harden a resin into a part. This process can give very fine details, that other processes like FDM 3D printing cannot reproduce. We offer a wide range of resins to print with!

We also offer finishing (sanding and painting) of parts.

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We do SLA 3D printing in-house. Keep in mind that the limits of this machine is not always the limit of what we can make. We have a wide network of manufacturing partners to help you realize your project!

Formlabs Form 2
This is a made in USA (‘muricuh!) SLA 3D printer that can achieve amazing levels of detail. It’s not the biggest machine, but it sure makes great prints.

Layer thickness (micron): 200, 100, 50, 25 (depending on resin) – Working area: 150x150x175mm

What we can work from

We are very flexible in the way that we can pretty much work from basically anything.

3D model
The best way to supply a job to us. Normal file formats are obj (preferred), stl (preferred), sldprt, step, iges.
We can also work from a 2D drawing, even if it’s hand drawn. We’ll model it up and then send you a preview of what it will look like before printing.
For simple parts a simple explanation is often good enough. (e.g. “a 4x4x4cm cube with an M10 thread through the middle”)
Existing part
If you have an existing part that you want to copy, that’s also possible. Just mail it to us and we will recreate it in 3D!

Things to think about

It’s relatively straight forward, but there are a few things to keep in mind before getting it 3D printed.

The printer unfortunately doesn’t possess the divine power to print in mid-air. So in order to keep it up in the air, our software adds supports to the bottom of the part. We always adjust the alignment to keep the supports at a minimum. After printing, the supports can be removed like velcro, however they do leave tiny marks on the part, that have to be sanded away (we can do that part, too, if you want).
Hollow or solid
Resin costs money. So in order to save some resin cost, parts can be printed hollow, instead of solid, however this can trap liquid resin inside the part. So a drain hole is preferred when printing hollow parts. It’s a tradeoff, but we can give you the price of both if you want!

Get it printed

Just contact us and we’ll replicate it Star Trek style!

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