Intarsia plaques

Luxury yacht maker Nautor’s Swan at their 50th year anniversary gave out these beautiful veneer intarsia plaques to the veterans of the company.

Our job was to laser cut out these fragile pieces of wood, making sure a tight fit between the pieces. Laser cutting is ideal for veneer and intarsia since it applies zero force to the workpiece, and the cut width is only around a tenth of a millimeter.

We even laser engraved in the signature Swan painted waterline onto the brighter veneer for it to stand out.

We also engraved a stainless steel plate with the name of the recipicent.


September 19, 2016

  • Nautor's Swan

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Intarsiataulu. Intarsiatavla. Intarsiatillverkning. Intarsiavalmistus. Träpussel. Veener inlay. Wood inlay.

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