Nintendo NX controller hoax

Back in March a supposed image of a leaked Nintendo NX game controller “leaked” onto the internet. We (unknowing whether if it was fake or not) thought the design looked quite basic to recreate, so after a few moments in CAD we recreated the image in CAD (though, in black, for fun).

We 3D printed the base, sanded, painted and attached some shiny laser cut acrylic along with some bogus labels and voilá, we had a “controller”.

A few phone pictures laters, and the internet (at least related to games) exploded. It has since been called one of the best hoax leaks in history!

Nowadays it’s not enough to just prove an image is not Photoshopped, as recreating things quickly in real life has become easier than ever with 3D printers. Leaks. Leaks have changed.


April 15, 2016

Link to project


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