Acrylic statue URKRAFT

Artist Ann-Sofie Eriksson of Mejaboda approached us with the manufacturing of a 3 meter tall transparent statue for Pedersöre Kommun’s new culture-house named “AX”.

We digitised the sketches of her statue, which was inspired of grain-sheafs of old, given the name “AX” which means grain in Swedish!

The statue itself is made out of water-jet-cut 15mm acrylic, with laser engraved details. The spiralling gold spire in the middle is made out of laser cut golden acrylic, which is reflected in the bottom of the statue in the mirror polished stainless steel plate.

We hid LED uplights in the base to illuminate the statue at night, spreading the light all across the laser engraved ‘grains’.

The entire thing sits on 30 stainless steel rods, solidly cast into the concrete base, and hid in decorative polished stainless tubes.


October 11, 2016

  • Pedersöre Kommun

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