Acrylic statue 100 ÅRSRINGAR

This statue by Mejaboda is a celebration of Finland’s 100 year independence.

It features 100 laser scored lines that each represent a year. The winter landscape is a result of UV printing an image with a transparency channel, giving a smooth transition between an image and complete see-through. The base of mirrored acrylic (on top of 15mm clear acrylic) also features a white print, which represents newly fallen snow on an ice lake.

As for the shape of the statue itself, it’s a peace dove. We convinced the acrylic (with enough heat) to twist 180 degrees to form the shape of a leaf being held in the beak of the dove.


October 11, 2016


Acrylic bending. Akrylböjning. Akrylstaty. Laser scoring on acrylic. Statytillverkning. Translucent UV printing. Transparent printing on acrylic. Transparent tryck på akryl. Transparent tryck på plast. UV printing on mirrored acrylic. Year rings engraving.

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